The Skintellectual

I've been an Esthetician since 2002 and my passion for skincare and beauty developed at a very young age.  In 2008 I got pregnant, such a delightful plan of ours that for the last 2 years it's been all about my sweet angel(well, how could it not be?) and my love for beauty and skin care products switched to skincare for baby and well, everything baby.  Thus creating, Everything Mom and Baby

But as I am back to work once a week, the fire has rekindled as I help my clients bring out the best in their skin and I have a loyal following at the spa where I work and because of them I have created Skinfamous on their behalf.

Using Christian Dior skin care and makeup as a teenager( I have a great fondness for Dior, it's sentimental for me), the fine sweet, floral essences of Diorissimo was my very first fragrance, I think I was 12.  The delicate, sweet scent of Lily of the Valley reminds me of my innocent days, it reminds me to the days when there was no internet, it was the 80's and Esprit, Club Monaco and Benetton were at their best and a must for me.
It also reminds of Eatons with my mom and coming home with oodles of skin worthy products to examine once we got home.
Fragrance drove me to aromatherapy and aromatherapy drove me to skincare.
It's a passion of mine as I dive back in.... post baby!

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