Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zoe's Organic- Beautiful Handcrafted Skincare for Baby

Review and Giveaway from Zoe Organics!
Working in skincare for 10 years now and being an esthetician now mom this is me in a nutshell:
 1) I love skincare
2)  I enjoy helping my guests make the right skincare choices and methods to achieve healthy skin
3) I am a product junkie...extreme product junkie
4) I am on top of all the latest in skincare products and trends, especially organic natural skincare.
5) When I, the esthetician had a baby I got even more aware of what's in products and wanted the best. Johnsons & Johnsons? Heck no! When there are way better products out there ( I am a junkie as mentioned above).  It's all about the safest ingredients and best ingredients going on and into your childs skin and here comes one of my #1 recommendations for baby.

 When I came across Zoe Organics I was over the moon reading the ingredients and just so happy to see such a beautiful line.  When I looked, opened and used the products you can feel the love that was put in to creating this line.  Zoe Organics does celebrate life and cultivate life to honor mommies and babies everywhere.
A little bit about Zoe Organics
As a child Heather Hamilton was extremely sensitive and was allergic to almost everything and a severe asthma attack was brought on by a seemingly safe bubble bath. A young child and/or  parent should NEVER have to worry about a severe reaction caused by a children’s product.
Motherhood has led her to make more educated choices with regards to health and well-being and her own circle of friends noticed big gaps in the products available on the market. She became passionate about filling that void and began to create natural and organic potions for her own family.

Why I love, love, love Zoe Organics!
The ingredients, quality and the rating they have on EWG's Cosmetic Data Base.
Apricot Kernel oil calms inflammation and eczema, beeswax healing, antiseptic & biologically active, Calendula healing to cuts and burns, Chamomile another anti inflammatory and a soothing precious oil.
Want to learn more about her ingredients, click here.  It is truly magical and honest, you won't find anything synthetic.

We recieved the most gorgeous gift set that I will be giving one to you.  I know... we're awesome.
 In the gift set I got the Organic Baby Bath Tea that is utterly perfect, smart and gentle.  After it was saturated in the bath water, I used it as a "sponge", it's gentle and hydrating because it has cocoa butter.  It also came with the Gentle Hair and Body Wash, an old world style castile wash scented with mandarin and lavender(the best choices in aromatherapy for baby), Organic Baby Massage Oil which was so gentle and soothing to my sensitive boys skin.  It is extremely nutrient rich which we LOVE!
Next in the gift set was the Organic Baby Balm.  A must have for sun burn, wind burn(winters around the corner), dry lips, eczema, dry cheeks, cuts everything, it is a must have for parents and baby and lastly their Organic Diaper Balm.  A perfect, natural barrier infused with Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile.  His teething bum is perfectly protected and soothed.

Do you all now understand why I love this line???  I cannot wait to be their first Canadian retailer and bring this to you my fellow Canadians so you can experience beautiful, organic, 100% effective skincare for your beautiful child.  It is available at select stores in the US, click here

Now tell me your thoughts.  Would you love a gift set of your own from Zoe Organics? Win this for yourself or win this for a gift! Perfect for any mom and mom to be. Worth $85USD
To enter this giveaway, please visit my parenting blog: Everything Mom and Baby

~Open to US and Canadians, ends Oct.31, 11pm EST~

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