Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crystal Deodorant...and yes they do work!

 First off, I love them....I really, really love this line!  It smells so good and I'm stinky free for 24hrs!

First off let me tell you.  This isn't your usual crystal deodorant that takes a week as your body adjusts.
It works from day one keeping you fresh and B.O free, as I take a whiff! LOL!
I've recently switched to crystal deodorants for personal reasons, I am a product junkie and because of the ingredients in crystal deodorants I wanted to give them a try.
I have been lifting up my arm to take a whiff through out the day and I can't help it because the aroma's are so nice.

One brand I will touch on specifically is called The Crystal.
A little info on commercial deodorants from The Crystal company:
Odor is caused by bacteria, which form on the body. Most deodorants on the market today merely mask that odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. They deodorize” with the help of chemicals. Crystal™ deodorants, made of 100% all natural mineral salts, prevent odor from happening in the first place by neutralizing the bacteria. That’s why we believe our products are actually un-odorants, preventing odor, rather than deodorants which just cover it up.
 For me the main reason to switching to crystal is the aluminum factor.  Aluminum chlorohydrate is a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier.  It is a chemical used in most deodorants and antiperspirants and with the rate my memory is going, I don't want to a take a chance with developing Alzheimer which has been linked to the toxic overload of aluminum.

I've been quite happy with the Crytal Deodaorants and I hope you will too.  Give it a try!  I think my favorite is from Crystal Deodarant is the Pomegranate.  It smells delicious, it's refreshing and keeps me stinky free!
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Crystal® | Respect the body™
  • Crystal® is the original mineral salt deodorant brand (established in 1984)
  • Crystal® is a natural deodorant that actually works
  • Simple ingredients, simple promise:  All day natural odor prevention
  • Mineral salts create an invisible barrier that make it impossible for odor causing bacteria to grow
  • Our deodorants are available in 28,000 stores worldwide (including Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid)
For more info as well pleas visit the below links:
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